Why wikis?
Here's why: the kids say it best!
Crozet 5th grade wikiworld
Crozet 3rd grade wikiworld

What is a wiki?

Wikis in Plain English

Starting your free K-12 wiki at wikispaces.com
Get Going with **Wikispaces**

Wiki websites:

Staying Safe:
Albemarle County Curriculum and Technology Integration Partners (CTIP) Wiki Work

Monitoring Wikis

Learning on My Own

The Potato Man
Look especially at The Lucky Penny Stories

Crozet Math Musings
  • The Landmarks and Math Link
  • The Mentors Page
  • The Parent Page
  • Ty H's Bio Poem, Waiting Link, Sky High Bird Feeder
  • Darren K's Long Words page or Bloxors page
  • Sebastian C's Teenage Texting
  • Noah D's Robot page
  • Sammie C's Favorite Animal

Examples of Educational Wikis
Wikis in Education
Educational Wikis
District 142 wiki resources