Learning, Knowing and Using WISELY Web 2.0 Tools
March 13, 2009

*Let's think about Bloom's Taxonomy

Kids Today Should NOT Be Living In Remembering
(Becky Fisher)

Web 1.0 was about linking documents; Web 2.0 is about linking people.

Michael Wesch

What is Web 2.0?
Connect, Create, Collaborate, Share

How is learning changing?
thanks to Greg Whitby

2nd graders on Twitter?

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Slideshare ppts about Web 2.0
  1. Reflection/ Blogging
  2. Constructionism/ Wikispaces
  3. Metacognition/ Social Bookmarking
  4. Patterns and Connections/ Social Networks
  5. Informal Learning/ Microblogging

*Accessing websites that are classified social networking
  • Do you know your policy?
  • Can you get to it?
  • Do you know how to get it unblocked?

*What do we need to think about with Social Networking sites?

*Let's explore:


  1. Go2Web20.netThe Complete Web 2.0 Sites Directory
  2. Cool Tools For Schools
  3. Top 50 Web 2.0 Tools According to Heather Hurley from VA Beach
  4. Traditional activities with digital tools

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