Building Your Own PLaN
by Paula White

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What is a PLN?

Professional Learning Network? Personal Leaning Network?

Do You Sprinkle or Mix?

How Can Your Learning Network Help You?
How can your learning network help you?
  • By helping you to sift through all the data to identify the information that will be most useful to you.
  • By helping you to identify learning resources and opportunities.
  • By coaching you and answering your questions as you try to apply your learning to your work.
  • By sharing their wisdom with you through dialogue.
Building a personal learning network is requires that you not only seek to learn from others, but also that you also help others in the network learn. Even when you are a novice in a field of learning, you can still make contributions. Did you read an article that might be of interest to others? Then distribute it to other in your network with a short note that you thought they might find it interesting. Did you hear of a conference on the subject? Let others know about the program and speakers and, if you attend, circulate your notes and papers you collect to other network members.
A personal learning network can be your most powerful learning tool no matter what the subject.

Thoughts about Setting up a Social Network

Stages of PLN Adoption
Jeff Utecht


How can we connect with other educators?
Social Networking Sites
Social Bookmarking
Online conversations
Online conferences and unconferences

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